The 学习共享 opens up a world of new opportunities for learning 和社交 for Kettering students, 教职员工.
Abundant natural light and wide-open, technology-enriched 空间 encourage collegiality, collaboration and innovation — attributes that are fundamental to our values and our cooperative learning model.


这个1,600-square-foot space features seating and green 空间, 用来放松的吊床, sunshine to help you recharge, fresh air to boost your creativity, and electrical outlets so you can keep working while enjoying the outdoors.



The 学习共享 features more than a dozen d.空间. These 空间 serve as collaborative work空间 that provide comfortable and functional 空间 for students, 教职员工茁壮成长. Lounge pieces including couches and chairs, 协作表, whiteboards for note-taking or brainstorming sessions encourage collaboration, 创意与革新.



Two 知识栏s host our digital library in the 学习共享. The library holds over 900,000 e-books, 100,000 e-journals and 100+ databases. It’s a continuous work in progress and just keeps getting bigger and easier to use. The digital library is available well beyond the 知识栏s—it’s available anywhere our students and faculty are studying, living and working—on campus and around the world.


“The 学习共享 is special because it’s a great spot for everyone to gather and come together.”

——罗宾·佩拉约CS, 22年

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 “The 学习共享 contains everything that the campus provided before in one location.  It is cozy, and you could spend the entire day there between coffee, food, d.空间 as well as open concept 空间 for easy collaboration 和社交."

——Hayden Neva ME, 22年

Students in 学习共享
特拉维斯圣人 - Stantec


Project Design Leader, Stantec

特拉维斯圣人 led the design team at the architectural firm Stantec. Sage and his colleagues, in collaboration with President 罗伯特K. 麦克马汉 and university staff, designed the building to balance timelessness and permanence. A shining example of architectural excellence, the design incorporates optimal flexibility for current and future teaching and learning, 合作, 和社交. Power and technology are woven throughout so that the building can easily transform to meet unforeseen program or space needs.

学习共享 Atrium Sculpture
学习共享 Atrium Mobile


Artist Marco Mahler's sculpture, suspended from the fourth floor to the first floor atrium of the 学习共享, is a visual representation of the building's interactive nature. It consists of two parts that visually correspond with each other and complete each other. Each part measures 25 feet in height and 16 feet in diameter.

Mahler designed the sculpture with interconnected balance structures throughout; the equilibrium of each part depends on the counterparts that are linked to it. Just like the 空间 in the 学习共享, it can be freely interpreted and reinterpreted.


Generous donors have made this revolutionary building experience possible. If you are interested in supporting an available named space in the 学习共享, 请拨打(810)762-9927.